Top bookmakers in Kenya
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Top bookmakers in Kenya

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Sports betting has become a common thing in Kenya, both for young and old, trying to find their luck at the Games. Investors also saw the potential in this industry, and new betting sites began to grow every day. This can be confusing for interested people, and to know which sites are the best, and not bloated dummies with numerous advertisements in the media.


Fortunately, there are gurus such as sports betting who have been in this business for a long time and know which sites to recommend. In fact, the following is a list that contains the best betting sites in Kenya, as verified through the experience of regular users of the site. The list was compiled after reviewing a number of issues.

Top bookmakers in Kenya

Topics covered:

Quick payout
Best sports scores
High bonuses

If you are just starting out as an inexperienced, novice or old player, these five sites will certainly be the best to review in Kenya. Here is a list of credible betting sites in Kenya that you should try.

Top bookmakers in Kenya

1. Sportpesa

Sportpesa is the largest local betting company in Kenya with operations also in Europe. The company has two weekly jackpots mega jackpot and a weekly jackpot. Mega jackpot prize for ksh 100 million, which accumulates weekly, while weekly jackpot prize ksh 10 m, which also accumulates weekly. Sportspesa provides high odds, as well as an available minimum amount of ksh 50 for bets.

2. Betin

Betin is another dominant sports site in the country and a favorite among many players. The company is known for its 50% deposit bonus for each new registration. The company also provides the famous cash out, which makes it a favorite among Kenyan betting games. They offer a variety of sports to bet on, ranging from card games to virtual sports. The company also offers live betting options. Betin also serves customers who cannot access mobile services, as well as a digital platform, by offering bookmakers where you buy tickets and place bets.

3. 1xbet

It is one of the fastest growing betting companies in the Kenyan market. 1xbet is an international company based in Russia and operating since 2007. The company is gaining enormous popularity in the country with its fascinating offer of a 200% bonus on every first deposit f with bonuses up to 10,000 Ksh! The company offers a variety of matches on which you can bet, and also provides the opportunity to bet in real time.

4. Mcheza

Mcheza is a famous betting site on the Kenyan betting market. Mcheza provides various sports to bet on with decent odds. mCHEZA offers attractive betting incentives, including real-time bets, virtual sports. The company offers a variety of bonuses, including invite bonuses. The company also provides a challenging jackpot.

5. Betyetu

BetYetu is a popular betting site in the country. Betyetu is famous among the local gamers in the country for the withdrawal fees are not charged. The company provides live bets, as well as a bonus at registration. Betyetu also offers a jackpot of up to 10 million and rewarding players with up to 9 of 13 correct choices.

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