Game genres
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Game genres

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It’s not so easy to name the most popular game. After all, each player has his own rating for the many developments that are currently active. Many platforms, which are taken as a basis, plots, as well as the possibility of additionally connected equipment during games - all this is the reason for the variety of games.Most recently, all the games for personal computers could be divided into three main genres - strategies, shooters, as well as multiplayer RPGs. And there was a separate genre of games, which has the English abbreviation MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.


It is characterized by team fights in various arenas or maps, during which the player chooses only one hero from a huge variety of characters endowed with individual and unique skills and abilities.Of particular popularity were the construction of powerful empires from scratch economic strategies, in which the world will appear the choice between different actions for the development of the state. Also, special attention was given to military strategies along with economic games. The popularity of such games is also at a high level.Currently, a special place should be given to games on mobile phones.


After all, there are such that, according to their performance characteristics, they can easily exceed the characteristics of a computer in recent years. Among these games can be divided into three classes:- all sorts of puzzles, as well as puzzles, shooters and parkour, the main vocation of which is to help to have a good time during a period of inactivity in the queue, for example, or while on the road;- various simulators. These are both sports games and races;- card games that have grown into eSports.It has long been possible for players to spend their free time playing games directly through the browser. This kind of games received the name - browser. The most optimal among them was the option with strategies, because they do not need a lot of resources. However, this type of game is not in wide demand among players.Currently, the gaming console market is divided between the Xbox and the Playstation. There is also a large selection of games, the genre of which depends on the preferences of the owners of consoles. It is impossible not to take into account the possibility of using such innovative innovations as points during the game, which allow penetrating into virtual reality.

Game genres

They got compatibility with many non-standard controllers. And this allows the player to experience all the delights of the game from the first person.3D-shooter is a game in which all actions are conducted from a single player, who must destroy many opponents using melee weapons, as well as small arms of various types. Everything is done to achieve the goals that are set for the player at the beginning of each mission. Opponents can be both real bandits and alien creatures, monsters. There are first and third person shooters. In games where actions are conducted from the first person, the image that is displayed on the screen is given out by the “character’s eyes”. As for the third-person shooter, then everything is a little different. In such games, the picture is fixed from the back of the main character, or an arbitrary point located above the character's head.


Considerably popular are the arcades, which are based on the reaction and reflexes of the player. In such games, you must constantly be in motion, and all actions are performed instantly. After all, the life of the character that the player controls depends on it. Many arcades were relocated to game consoles and firmly entrenched as the main genre.An interesting genre is considered to be a stealth action game, the essence of which is the other way around - after all, not in a battle with an opponent, but in every possible way to avoid contact with it.


Before the players will be a great opportunity to look out from around the corner to see a situation that can be accessed if you run out there by negligence.These are the genres offered by the games industry, for all tastes and wishes.


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